Carbon Disclosure

Help companies comply with domestic and international decarbonization regulatory requirements.

Carbon Reduction

Employ a combination of digital, intelligent, and clean energy technologies to assist enterprises in decarbonization.

Carbon Finance

Provide various services such as carbon trading, carbon asset management, ESG rating, and others to assist companies in sustainable development.

Carbon label - Green Passport for Chinese machinery and electronic products

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Video Cover image: Release of China Carbon Label for Machinery & Electronic Products




  • Clear & Intuitive Digital Monitoring of Carbon Emissions

    Provide enterprises with professional services such as carbon inventory assessment and quota management, use technology to empower enterprises to avoid risks and reduce costs, improve enterprise ESG ratings, and accelerate the implementation of green and low-carbon transition.

  • Technology Enabled Carbon Asset Management

    Provide enterprises with management services such as product carbon footprint (PCF) calculation and supply chain management, and help enterprises achieve emission reduction by monitoring upstream and downstream carbon emission data.

  • Efficient Supply Chain Carbon Reduction Management

    We provide targeted services to businesses, including digital platform development and multi-tier supplier data collection, to efficiently address supply chain management challenges while ensuring data security and reliability.

  • Customized Comprehensive Solution for Carbon Neutrality

    Carbon Newture provides enterprises with digital monitoring of the operation of existing Chinese Certified Emission Reduction (CCER) projects, as well as monitoring report compilation and certified carbon reduction trading services, to obtain optimal project benefits for enterprises through one-stop services.

Clear & Intuitive Digital Monitoring of Carbon EmissionsTechnology Enabled Carbon Asset ManagementEfficient Supply Chain Carbon Reduction ManagementCustomized Comprehensive Solution for Carbon Neutrality

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Carbon Disclosure

Carbon Reduction

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