The world's first V2G photovoltaic self-circulation energy supplement system was completed

Release Date:

On August 20, the world's first V2G photovoltaic self-circulation energy supplement system jointly built by NIO, Chint New Energy, WWF and other parties in the Qilian Mountain National Park was completed, helping the national park to build a clean and low-carbon energy self-circulation system. It is the first application of V2G self-circulation energy supplement technology.

What is V2G? V2G is Vehicle-to-Grid (vehicle to grid), also known as bidirectional inverter charging technology, which can realize the function of distributed mobile energy storage unit of electric vehicles, charge during low power consumption, and discharge outward during peak power consumption . Simply put, this is a technology that enables electric vehicles and the grid to charge and discharge each other.

What is the point of this project?

Ecological value: Effectively assist the clean and low-carbon ecological patrol and energy use in Qilian Mountain National Park and its protected areas, and protect the diversity and integrity of its natural ecosystem. Popularizing the use of renewable energy is an important way to tackle climate change and promote biodiversity conservation.

Energy system: V2G technology represents the integration of future transportation and energy fields, and is a model of harmonious symbiosis between technology and the environment. Through the efficient localized deployment and application of source-network-storage-load, the local self-production and self-sale of green energy can be realized, and the impact on the external environment can be reduced.

Enterprise development: "Responsible operation" not only means reducing the direct and indirect environmental impact of one's own products, but also shoulders the mission of reducing the pressure on global biodiversity and reversing the risk of ecosystem collapse. The corporate image of NIO, Chint and other partners who are responsible and focus on sustainable development will be improved.