Global leading certification agency DNV signs strategic cooperation agreement with Carbon Newture to advance digital innovation in carbon management

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On June 5th, at the 2nd Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Technology, Products, and Achievements Expo (hereafter referred to as "Shanghai International Carbon Neutrality Expo"), Carbon Newture and the globally leading certification agency DNV Gl Business Assurance (China) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "DNV") held an official strategic cooperation signing ceremony.

DNV is a globally leading third-party certification and independent risk management service provider. Through this strategic cooperation with Carbon Newture, both parties will collaborate on exploring innovative solutions such as carbon footprint accounting and certification. This partnership aims to swiftly respond to market changes and empower enterprises to manage climate change risks effectively.

Speech by Xu Lizhi, General Manager of DNV Supply Chain and Sustainability Services, Greater China Region

The collaboration between Carbon Newture and DNV combines an efficient, accurate, transparent, and compliant carbon footprint calculation system with internationally recognized authoritative certification. This organic integration aims to provide enterprises with compliant, trustworthy, authoritative, and usable carbon footprint services.

DNV operates in over 100 countries globally, boasting extensive experience and profound expertise. Its certification services are widely recognized worldwide, providing a solid foundation for the cooperation between the two parties. DNV has a professional technical team composed of environmental scientists, engineers, and industry experts. They adhere to international standards and best practices to ensure the rigor and impartiality of the carbon footprint accounting and certification processes, offering authoritative and professional third-party certification services to enterprises.

Carbon Newture, as a technology company dedicated to empowering enterprises in managing climate change risks, focuses on providing comprehensive dual-carbon digital transformation solutions using cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

Speech by Huang Yanxiang, CEO of Carbon Newture

DNV and Carbon Newture have joined forces in a strong partnership, leveraging their respective strengths to collaborate on innovative solutions. Together, they aim to deliver more efficient and precise carbon management services to their clients, contributing jointly to the value of authoritative certification in green and low-carbon initiatives.

This strategic cooperation signifies Carbon Newture's deepened and expanded presence in the field of digital carbon management. The collaboration with an international authoritative third-party certification body like DNV will strengthen, enabling them to integrate global perspectives with local practices effectively.