Invitation | Visit the United States for Economic and Trade Cooperation and Green Development Exchange Activities

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To all relevant enterprises:

In order to promote economic and trade exchanges between Chinese provinces and American states under the framework of the China-US provincial and state economic and trade cooperation mechanism, to deepen the understanding of the key areas of cooperation and investment environment of relevant American states towards China, and to explore the path of China-US economic and trade cooperation under the current situation, we aim to develop pragmatic business opportunities for Chinese and American companies in key areas.

According to the annual key work arrangement of the China-US Joint Working Group on Trade and Investment Cooperation between Chinese provinces and the State of California (referred to as the "Working Group"), and with the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce and the support of the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, the Secretariat of the Working Group of CCCME, will organize member provinces, cities and key enterprises to visit Los Angeles, San Francisco, North Carolina (or New York) and other related cities in the United States for economic and trade promotion activities in late May 2023.

Since the establishment of the working group, both China and the United States have worked together to promote practical achievements in multiple key areas for Chinese and American companies through extensive contacts, mutual visits, joint activities, and information exchanges. This year, the "China-California Economic and Trade Forum", jointly organized by the Chinese Secretariat, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, the Southern California Secretariat Los Angeles Regional Export Commission, the Northern California Secretariat San Francisco Bay Area Commission, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, and the Los Angeles branch of the China General Chamber of Commerce USA, and hosted by the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles and the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), is scheduled to be held on May 22nd in Los Angeles. This forum is the first continuation of the "China-California Economic and Trade Forum" brand activity after the epidemic, and has received high attention from both China and the United States. Senior officials of the California government will be invited to attend the event. The one-day forum is expected to focus on four main themes: green development, e-commerce, agricultural product trade, and two-way investment opportunities. At the same time, in order to provide Chinese companies with ample opportunities to tap into the US market, the working group plans to organize enterprises to visit cities such as San Francisco, North Carolina (or New York) to visit local companies, meet with relevant trade and investment promotion agencies, and conduct related docking activities in areas such as economic and trade investment, green and low-carbon, energy conservation, and environmental protection.

We now invite companies that are interested in exploring the US market and learning about opportunities for US-China economic and trade cooperation to participate in this outbound visit. The specific arrangements are as follows:

I. Visit Schedule

Travel Time: May 21-29, 2023

Travel Destination: United States (Los Angeles, San Francisco, cities related to North Carolina or New York)

II. Participation and Expense Matters

The participating units shall bear the expenses of transportation, accommodation, and related business activities. We can arrange transportation and accommodation, and the costs will be notified separately. For registration fees, please contact the contact person of our association for details.

III. Registration Method

Please return the following documents before March 31, 2023 (Friday):

(1) Please fill out the attached Annex 1 "Registration Confirmation with Company Seal" (fill in the same form for personnel from the same unit), signed and stamped by the leader of the unit/company and scanned;

(2) Please fill in all the information of the participants in accordance with Annex 2 "Registration Information Collection Form", and check the key information repeatedly;

(3) Scanned copy of passport cover page (required for those who apply for an invitation letter or visa through the Chamber of Commerce), please ensure that the passport is valid until November of this year;

(4) If you already have a US visa, please provide a scanned copy (valid within the validity period, only required for those who apply for an invitation letter through the Chamber of Commerce).

Please register as soon as possible and submit the above materials, so that the Secretariat can apply for invitation letters from the US and Japanese sides in a unified batch. Late submission will be inconvenient for the unified arrangement of foreign parties. Please send the electronic version of the above registration materials with "Visiting the United States-Unit Name" as the email title to

IV. Contact Information

Contact person: Deng Ruifeng, Liu Chang of CCCME

Tel: 010-58280863/869

Fax: 010-58280830

Mobile: 15116066687 (WeChat)

13811237532 (WeChat)