Invitation | 2023 International Industrial Cooperation Conference (Singapore) and China Electromechanical Product Brand Exhibition, and Visit to Malaysia.

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To further promote deep and practical economic and trade cooperation between China and RCEP countries, effectively integrate high-quality resources from international and domestic industrial and supply chains, and provide opportunities for Chinese enterprises to expand their market in the RCEP region, we will establish a new industry platform for foreign economic and trade exchanges and cooperation under the guidance of the government. With strong support and guidance from the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Singapore, and other organizations, we will jointly organize the 2023 Conference on International Industrial Cooperation (Singapore) & China's Machinery & Electronics Show in Singapore from March 22 to 24, 2023, with the participation of government departments, financial and insurance institutions, industry organizations, key enterprises, and international organizations from RCEP countries. We will conduct in-depth discussions on hot topics such as promoting the development opportunities, innovative initiatives, and potential cooperation projects in the fields of green and low-carbon, digital economy, land and sea corridors, financial cooperation, and intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, we will hold an exhibition of independent brands to fully realize effective communication of investment and cooperation information and effective project cooperation.

In recent years, cooperation between China and Malaysia has maintained a good development momentum, with significant achievements in various fields. The "two countries, two parks" project has steadily progressed, and cooperation in areas such as infrastructure, energy resources, and advanced manufacturing continues to deepen. Digital economy, modern services, and communications are becoming new hotspots for bilateral cooperation. This time, we will organize visits to Malaysia, hold investment and cooperation exchange meetings, and arrange visits, with the aim of helping Chinese enterprises to further understand the investment environment and latest policies in China-Malaysia cooperation, finding potential partners, and promoting the construction of a China-Malaysia community of shared interests.

We sincerely invite units with close economic and trade investment cooperation relations with Singapore and Malaysia, and those interested in expanding cooperation with Singapore and Malaysia to participate in the event.

The agenda and arrangements are as follows:

I. Visiting Time and Places Visiting Time: March 21-28, 2023, for 8 days (preliminary) Visiting Places: Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

II. Main Activities Singapore:

  1. Participation in the opening ceremony, forums, and matchmaking events of the 2023 Conference on International Industrial Cooperation (Singapore).

  2. Visit to the China Machinery and Electronics Products Exhibition.

  3. Visit to key enterprises in Singapore.

Malaysia: Intending to hold the China-Malaysia Investment and Cooperation Exchange Conference, visits to parks and enterprises, and other activities.

III. Registration Method Units interested in participating are requested to complete online registration and submit relevant materials on before the end of business hours on February 10, 2023 (Friday). Please also upload the registration receipt with the signature of the unit leader or seal. Specific arrangements and costs will be notified separately.

❖Confirmation by our association is final.

IV. Contact Information Contact Person:

He Yi/Deng Ruifeng/Li Yawei (Delegation for the Conference)

Tel: 010-58280885/863/877

13401135880 (WeChat)

15116066687 (WeChat)

13488690417 (WeChat)


Contact Person: Du Xiaoyue (Exhibition)

Tel: 010-58280975

13522217696 (WeChat)