Integrating into Green Development and Creating a Better Future | Canton Fair Green Development Forum for Export-oriented Manufacturing Enterprises Successfully Held

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On the morning of April 17th, the 133rd Canton Fair Industry Forum, titled "Green Development of Export-oriented Manufacturing Enterprises under the Background of "Dual Carbon" was successfully held in Guangzhou, hosted by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (referred to as CCCME) and China National Machinery Industry Corporation (referred to as Sinomach), and organized by SUMEC Group Corporation (SUMEC) Limited. Zhang Yujing, President of CCCME, Li Xiaoyu, Vice President of Sinomach, Zhou Xiaoyang, Deputy Director General of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, and Yang Yongqing, Chairman of Sumec, attended the forum. The forum was chaired by Xin Zhonghua, Vice President of Sumec.

In her speech, Zhang Yujing stated that as a national industry organization covering the entire manufacturing industry chain, CCCME has always taken promoting the high-quality development of the industry and enterprises as its responsibility.According to the needs of industry development, CCCME has established the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products of Green and Low-carbon International Cooperation Committee, and together with professional companies such as Sumec, has built a carbon-neutral service platform, focusing on promoting specialized services such as government-enterprise dialogue, industry exchanges, technological innovation, industry-finance integration,and capacity building.In the future, CCCME will actively leverage its platform advantages to provide specialized green development services, assist member companies in carrying out green cooperation in international markets, and work together to promote the innovative development of the green and low-carbon industry.

In his speech, Li Xiaoyu stated that in recent years, Sinomach has unwaveringly implemented the new development concept, strengthened scientific and technological innovation leadership, and promoted the shift and upgrade from traditional manufacturing to green manufacturing. Sinomach has actively cultivated new businesses such as energy conservation and environmental protection, clean energy, and promoted core green and low-carbon technologies and major equipment research and development. It has also built a national energy-saving and low-carbon major equipment technology "source", focused on reducing emissions and carbon, clean energy, new energy, environmental protection engineering, and achieved positive results in key technology development and major project construction. In the future, Sinomach will continue to be rooted in the machinery industry, deeply practice the mission of a central enterprise, adhere to scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement, anchor green and low-carbon development, focus on building an independent and controllable "carbon" detection and verification system, plan for "green factories" and "green production lines", and integrate "carbon" management throughout the entire product life cycle. Sinomach will contribute to the formulation of industry standards, promote the upgrading and reshaping of the manufacturing industry value chain, and contribute to the world's green manufacturing products by leveraging the strength of Sinomach.

In his speech, Yang Yongqing stated that as an important member enterprise of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach), Sumec Group positions itself as "creating a digital-driven international industrial and supply chain and becoming a benchmark enterprise for domestic and international mutual promotion," adhering to four development concepts of high-quality sustainable development, cooperative and win-win development, green development, and compliant development. The company continues to strengthen green innovation in its products, accelerates the scale development of green businesses, builds a green ecological system for the industry chain, optimizes the green development path of the supply chain business, and gradually forms a green development path with Sumec characteristics that focuses on the entire operation process of manufacturing enterprises and is guided by customer green development demands.

The forum invited Song Yuyan, the director of the National Economic and Technological Development Zone Green Development Alliance Secretariat, Bu Cong, the deputy director of the National Solar Photovoltaic (Electric) Inspection and Testing Center, Liu Yong, the deputy general manager of the Sixth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry, Wang Bao, the deputy general manager of the Marketing Department of Hisense International, and Wang Jian, the deputy General manager,Chief Financial Officer and secretary of the Board of Directors of Sumec, delivered a keynote speech.focusing on topics such as the EU carbon border tax, trends and prospects of distributed generation for commercial and industrial use, green manufacturing practices, and green transformation for export-oriented enterprises, to explore the path of green manufacturing for export-oriented enterprises and jointly seek ways for green development.

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, a delegation of the Central Enterprise Transaction Group (Sinomach), a delegation of Nanjing Municipal Transaction Group,SUMEC Group Corporation Co., Ltd., and representatives from relevant enterprises attended the forum.